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Saturday, July 20, 2013

10 Most Popular Flowers and Their Meanings

10 Most Popular Flowers and Their Meanings

Flowers play important roles in human lives. They are good not only for beautifying the surroundings, but they also send different messages. For sure, you have already given and have received different flowers, right? Do you really know the meaning of those flowers? Well, if you don’t know yet, this article will tell you.
In the Victorian era, sending a private message to their loved ones uses those meticulously picked bouquet of flowers. This was very popular during those times. Flowers had different meanings during the Victorian times; the color and even the kind of presentation, whether it’s presented with a right or left hand meant different things.  Accepting it with the right hand means “yes” while with the left hand means “no.” This is known as fluorography, or the language of flowers. However, this is not commonly practiced in the modern era anymore.
Nonetheless, the colors, the beauty and the meaning of the flowers still remain. So, if you want to send a special message to your loved ones, flowers are still a good messenger. Thus, if you want to send or to express your feelings to someone through flowers, you should also know the meaning of the flowers.
These are some of the popular flowers with their meanings. However, it is best to send these flowers with their meaning so that the recipients would understand the meaning as well (that is, if the other party doesn’t have the knowledge yet).

  1. Gardenia: Do you have a crush on someone who’s not aware of how you feel? Give your crush fresh Gardenias. It means ecstasy, you are lovely and I am secretly in love with you.
  2. Daisy: If you are looking for a stylish flower, Gerba Daisy is your best bet. Most girls are fanatic of daisies. It symbolizes love, innocence, purity and loyalty. 
3.   Roses:  For sure, you have known that these flowers are the perfect symbol of love. In fact, roses  are the most famous romantic flowers. However, didn’t you know that these are edible, too? Its flavors are reminiscent of strawberries and green apples. Additionally, the darker its color the stronger its flavor. The different colors of roses also represent different meanings.
  • Red – means love, beauty, passion, romance and “I love you.”
  • Yellow – means joy, happiness, “Remember me,” a new beginning and friendship.
  • White – means purity, of course. In addition to that, it also means unity, youthfulness, sincerity and innocence.
  • Pink – represents appreciation, gracefulness, elegance and “thank you.”
  • Peach – means optimism for the future, desire, anticipation and “let’s be together.”
  • Lavender – means love at first sight.

 4.  Lilac This flower symbolizes a new found love. Thus, if you have moved on from a previous heartbreak and you have found your new love with someone, this is a perfect gift for her. They are also very famous as gifts to celebrate a new union during nuptials. Furthermore, it also symbolizes the love of mother and child.

 5.  Tulip:  This flower is generally known to represent charity, a perfect lover and fame. Like roses, the different colors of tulips have their corresponding messages, too, as follows:
  • Red - a declaration of love and “trust me.”
  • Yellow – love without hope.
  • Variegated – “You got beautiful eyes”.

6.  Orchid:  In China, this symbolizes abundance of children. However, in general, it means beauty  
    and love.


7.  Lily of the valley These flowers are the perfect symbol of sweetness, humility and return to happiness.

8.   Stephanotis This is one of the most used wedding flowers because of its fragrance and sweet smell. It means marital happiness and the desire to travel on a honeymoon.

9.   Hydrangea:  This flower has two distinct sides. It could mean heartless; it could also mean “Thank you for understanding.”

10.  Sunflower:  Most people love to eat sunflower seeds. Going into the meaning of this flower, it  means best wishes and loyalty.

These are some of the most popular flowers with their corresponding meanings. The truth is, flowers that come from the bottom of your heart are all heartwarming and will surely brighten someone’s day.  Just make sure to give flowers with utmost sincerity because the absence of it will make your flower gift useless.
It’s always your heart that matters. Thus, if you really want to express sincere feelings from the heart, you can use these flowers.

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