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Flowers of Canada's Provinces and Territories

Flowers of Canada's Provinces and Territories 
Canada's vastness, extending from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from the broad reaches of the Arctic to the temperate zone, has given this nation an incomparable variety of floral beauty ... beauty recognized by each of the Provinces and Territories in the selection of their official floral emblems. 
Canada has no official flower but it has a national tree, the maple. However the maple tree leaf is an emblem in the countries flag.Usually it is a red or orange maple leaf. 

Maple Leaf 

The Official Flowers of Canada's Provinces and Territories

Alberta (  Wild Rose )

British Columbia (  Pacific Dogwood )

Manitoba ( Prairie Crocus )

New Brunswick (  Purple Violet )

Newfoundland and Labrador ( Pitcher Plant )

Territories Northwest Territories ( Mountain Avens ) 

Nova Scotia (  Mayflower )

Territories Nunavut ( Purple Saxifrage )

Ontario ( Trillium )

Prince Edward Island ( Lady Slipper )

Quebec (  Blue Flag Iris )

Saskatchewan (  Western Red Lily )

Territories Yukon Territory ( Fireweed )

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