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Friday, January 24, 2014

Adenium Flowers

Type of Flowers
Adenium is a genus of flowering plants in the dogbane family, Apocynaceae. Adenium obesum is also known as the desert rose. In the Philippines, due to its resemblance to the related genus Plumeria, and the fact that it was introduced to the Philippines from Bangkok, Thailand, the plant is also called as Bangkok kalachuchi.

The genus Adenium has been held to contain as many as twelve species. These are considered by other authors to be subspecies or varieties. A late-20th-century classification by Plazier recognizes five species.

Adenium obesum is grown as a houseplant in temperate regions. Numerous hybrids have been developed. Adeniums are appreciated for their colorful flowers, but also for their unusual, thick caudices. They can be grown for many years in a pot and are commonly used for bonsai.
Because seed-grown plants are not genetically identical to the mother plant, desirable varieties are commonly propagated by grafting. Genetically identical plants can also be propagated by cutting. However, cutting-grown plants do not tend to develop a desirable thick caudex as quickly as seed-grown plants. 
The sap of Adenium boehmianum, A. multiflorum, and A. obesum contains toxic cardiac glycosides and is used as arrow poison throughout Africa for hunting large game.

Adeniums are one of the easiest succulents to grow. They grow fast and create natural bonsai looking plants. When planted in the ground adeniums will grow 4...6 feet tall (some taller) with tons of flowers. If you plant in pots you can control the size of the plant from a small windowsill to a larger decorative centerpiece. 
The adeniums produce spectacular flowers and grow huge caudex (massive exposed roots). The caudex gives the plants a natural bonsai look without all the bonsai growing work! In addition they create great centerpieces when in bloom. 
You can grow your adenium outside all year long in Southern parts of Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. If you live in areas that the temperatures drop consistently below 40 degrees then protect your plants. Adeniums need 5 to 6 hours of full sunlight a day to produce tons of flowers. If you give it more hours of sunlight they will grow faster and larger! They will grow in areas with less light, however, the frequency of flowering and growth of the adenium caudex will suffer.
If you like to have flowers indoors, then wait until the desert rose plants start flowering and bring them indoors to enjoy.


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