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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rose Colors and Meanings

Rose Colors and Meanings
The rich, lustrous rose is a dignified and romantic messenger of love’s gladness. For centuries the beautiful and mysterious rose has communicated messages of love, fidelity, excitement, and unbound passion. Because the rose is such a willing participant in love’s many escapades, different colors and varieties have taken on symbolic meanings. As you read through the many different meanings roses contain, keep in mind the specific message you wish to send. While every rose proposes a certain invitation, adding an additional secret communiqué is sure to heighten the joy of receiving them. Roses have long been the royalty of the floral world. Their dense, velvety petals are sensuous to many different senses. The beautiful, subtle fragrance of the rose transforms the ordinary into the heavenly. So if you’re happy choosing your fresh rose bouquet or fresh rose arrangement based upon your aesthetic tastes, enjoy our many sumptuous varieties. However, if you are interested in the secret, symbolic meanings contained in different rose colors then read on. The lucky recipient of your roses will delight in the thoughtful and seductive message you’ve chosen to send.

Red Roses
Big, bold, beautiful red roses represent the intense passions flowing directly from your heart. Love coming straight from the heart is passionate and strong. Red roses represent true love’s endurance. While red has become the color of Valentine’s Day, red roses transcend simple, commercial messages. Instead, red roses communicate love full of respect and possibility. So whether you are sending roses to a new love or reminding a long-time partner of your passion, red roses are love’s dramatic messenger.

White Roses
The elegant white rose represents purity, innocence, and humility. The white rose communicates a secret promise between the giver and the recipient. White roses are often used at weddings to symbolize love’s fidelity and promise. The delicate white rose creates a startling bouquet. A bouquet of fresh white roses is a wonderful combination of innocence and elegance. It makes a clear promise to care, nurture, and adore. The white rose is a promise that lives together will be full of equality and joy.

Yellow Roses
The yellow rose represents filial love, the love of friendship. Yellow roses represent the love between siblings and very close friends. The yellow rose is not as sensual and romantic as other roses; instead its sunshine radiance speaks toward the joy resulting in shared experiences and the promise of further adventures. Yellow roses send a clear message of respect and are make great gifts for childhood friends and respected coworkers alike. Yellow roses illuminate the air around them and bring joy and optimism to anywhere they are

Pink Roses
Beautiful and subtle pink roses represent elegance. Traditionally, pink roses have represented femininity and refinement. However, more and more men are viewing pink roses as a symbolic invitation relish their own sensitivity. Graceful pink rose bouquets also contain a message of gratitude and appreciation. When someone acts with kindness, show your thanks with a beautiful pink rose arrangement. It will communicate gratitude, sensitivity, and admiration.

Orange Roses
Rich, creamy, vibrant orange roses appear almost supernatural with their unexpected luminance. It is no surprise that these gorgeous roses symbolize attraction and desire. While red roses communicate enduring passion, orange roses combine playfulness with intensity to send a flirty message of attraction. Offbeat, unexpected, and delightful, orange roses bring all the excitement and adventure of a warm and inviting summer day.

Purple Roses
Purple roses have a wonderful ethereal quality to them which sends the clear message of love at first sight. Purple roses have a reputation for being magical, from originating in another world altogether. This seems like a perfect description for how it feels to experience love at first sight. Purple roses reveal creativity, openness, and infinite possibility.

Peach Roses
Delicate and beautiful peach roses send a message of sensitivity. Often, peach roses are used to extend sympathy. The soft, pastel color of peach roses is comforting and soothing.

Coral Roses
Just as a sunrise varies in intensity, coral is the dusky, subtle orange that graces the sky at first light. The coral rose still speaks of desire but also of happiness and would be a perfect “thank you” gift, or a great way to remind someone that you still desire him or her. Some popular coral roses are Sonic, the peach coral mix of Harmony.

Blue Roses
The quest for a blue rose continues, since they are merely a fabrication of the eager, dreaming mind at this point. The blue roses that exist are actually variations of purple or lavender, which look blue in certain light. However, you wouldn’t really want to send a blue rose to someone, as it means a figment of the imagination, or something unobtainable. If you like blue roses just because they are different, consider the decadent Blue Moon hybrid tea rose.

Black Roses
Though true black roses don’t exist, blooms that are the darkest red can look black. Giving someone black roses would mean the death of a relationship or idea. Some, however, suggest that black roses could symbolize rebirth or the beginning of something new. If these unique dark blooms interest you or would thrill a loved one, consider choosing the mysterious and beautiful Black Magic rose for your next arrangement.

Green Roses

The green rose, though fairly rare, is a beautiful sight. It’s existence dates back to the mid-1800′s and it’s symbolism is deeply rooted in nature. The most popular meaning of the green rose is that of fertility, because the color green itself symbolizes nature, life, and abundant growth. In popular culture, the color green is often considered an aphrodisiac and is used to send a sexual message. The green rose also represents a sense of calm and tranquility as psychologists believe that green brings about a sense of balance, stability and peace to the mind. The flip side is that green is also the color of jealousy and envy, enhanced by the fact that the dollar is green. The green rose also symbolizes luck.

White & Red Rose Arrangements
Beautiful rose arrangements made of a combination of white roses and red roses sends the powerful message of unity and harmony. An even distribution of red roses and white roses in a bouquet shows the balance between two people, between intense passion and purity, and between the intensity of the moment and hope for the future.

Red and Yellow Roses
A rose arrangement featuring both red roses and yellow roses sends the symbolic message of happiness and excitement. Yellow roses have the symbolic meaning of friendship while red roses express the heart’s deep passions. Combining these two beautiful and elegant flowers is a glorious way to tell your lover that they are also your best friend.

Bunch of Roses
By mixing rose blooms of different colors purposefully, you can create a bouquet of emotions. For example, a bouquet of red and white roses would mean I love you intensely and my intentions are honorable. A random mix of roses would convey mixed feelings or send a message: "I don't know what my feelings are yet but I sure do like you enough to send you roses."

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