When Words Escape, Flowers Speak. While They May Not Last As Long As Diamonds, Flowers are Forever. We Associate Flower With The Special Times of Our Lives. Birthdays, Marriages, Farewells…No Occasion Goes Without The Fragrance of Flowers. When We Wish to Convey Passion, Respect, Congratulations, or Apology to The People Most Precious to Us, Only Flowers Will do http://TheWeeklyJob.com/?id=174312 .

Friday, September 27, 2013

Cordyline Flowers

Types of Flowers 
The genus Cordyline contains 15 species,Flowers are usually white, blue or red and some species will produce purple berries. Cordylines grow wild in the hotter climates of Australia, New Zealand, South-east Asia and the Pacific Islands, although they do have hardy characteristics.Cordylines are available throughout the year.

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