When Words Escape, Flowers Speak. While They May Not Last As Long As Diamonds, Flowers are Forever. We Associate Flower With The Special Times of Our Lives. Birthdays, Marriages, Farewells…No Occasion Goes Without The Fragrance of Flowers. When We Wish to Convey Passion, Respect, Congratulations, or Apology to The People Most Precious to Us, Only Flowers Will do http://TheWeeklyJob.com/?id=174312 .

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Meaning of Flowers

The Meaning of Flowers 
When you know the meaning of flowers, you never go wrong when choosing the right flowers for the occasion. 
Flowers have been used in many ways as an extension of our emotions, we used them to: 
  • Show your love to that special person in your life. 
  • Show your appreciation and gratitude to your mother, father, grandparents and siblings. 
  • Congratulate a friend, a colleague, and business associates for their achievements. 
  • Congratulations for wedding, birth of a new baby and birthday. 
  • Show your encouragement and support. 
  • When it is difficult to express in words like “I am sorry“.
  • Do something different, surprised your boyfriend, partner or husband with a bouquet of flowers. 
  • Bring a smile to someone who is not well, feeling down or depressed. 
  • Tell the person you are thinking about him/her. 
Sometimes we don’t even need a reason to buy someone flowers; it will always bring a big smile and make the person day.
The following lists are some of the popular selection of flowers and what it mean.

Your love is reciprocated

Pride; Splendid Beauty; Timidity

Baby's Breath 
Pure of heart; Innocence


Red Carnation 
My heart aches for you; Admiration

Pink Carnation 
I shall never forget you; Woman's love

Purple Carnation 

White Carnation 
Innocence; Sweet and lovely; Pure love; Woman's 
good luck gift; You're adorable

Yellow Carnation 
Rejection; You have disappointed me

 Cheerfulness; You're a wonderful friend; 
Abundance; Wealth

You're the only one; Regard; The sun shines 
when I'm with you

Innocence; Loyal love; I will never tell; Purity; 
Gentleness; Romance

Innocence; Trust; Friendship

Strength of character; Sincerity; Generosity; 
Natural grace

Faith; Wisdom; Valour; Promise; My compliments; 
Hope; Message

Calla Lily 

Eucharis Lily 
Maiden charms

Tiger Lily 
Wealth; Pride; Prosperity

Love; Beauty; Refinement; Beautiful lady; 
Flower of magnificence

Bashfulness; Happy marriage; Prosperity

 Be of good cheer

Red Rose 
Love; I love you; Respect; Courage

Pink Rose 
Perfect happiness; Gentility; Grace; Please believe me; 
Thank you; Admiration

Yellow Rose 
Friendship; Joy and happiness; Jealousy; 
Trying to care; Gladness

White Rose
Innocence; Purity; Heavenly; Secrecy; Silence; Charm

Peach Rose 
Enthusiasm; Desire

Red & White Rose 

Single Red Rose 
Simplicity; I love you

Long Stemmed Rose 
I will remember you always

Assorted Colours Roses 
You’re everything to me

Beauty; Youth; A heart innocent of love

Red Rosebud 
Pure; Lovely

White Rosebud 

Adoration; Pride; Sunshine

Perfect lover; Fame; Love; Passion

Red Tulip 
Believe me; Declaration of love

Yellow Tulip 
There is sunshine in your smile; Hopeless love

However, you do not have to follow to the tee about the meaning of different flowers. Sometimes, getting the right type of flowers is instinctive. Do not let other people sway you away from your choice of flowers, you do not have to follow the crowd, for example, is roses the only flower for valentine and carnation the only flower for mother's day?

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