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Saturday, April 26, 2014

5 Most Resembling Flowers Like Animal

5 Most Resembling Flowers Like Animal

- Flying Duck Orchid
Flying Duck Orchid ( Caleana major ), is a small orchid found in eastern and southern Australia.This terrestrial plant features a remarkable flower, resembling a duck in flight. The flower is an attractant to insects, such as male sawflies which pollinate the flower in a process known as pseudocopulation.In 1986 this orchid was featured on an Australian postage stamp See More.. 

- White Egret
White Egret Flower (Habenaria radiata) is a species of orchid found in China, Japan, Korea and Russia.It is commonly known as the White Egret Flower. The Japanese name for this species is sagisou, meaning “egret grass/herb”. Japan is home to many white egrets and in fact they often share the same habitats with this little flower. One of Japan’s most famous orchids is the delicate terrestrial species, the egret flower, Habenaria radiata. This plant’s flower indeed looks much like a snowy egret with its display plumage puffed out. Despite being well known world wide, ironically this species is imperiled in the wild. In addition, most growers find it a bit difficult to keep for more than a season or two, but that is mostly a problem with cultural requirements, as we shall see More.. 

Dove Orchid ( Peristeria elata ) is a genus of plants belonging to the family Orchidaceae commonly called Dove Orchid or Holy Ghost Orchid. In line with the common name, the genus' name is from the Greek word peristerion meaning "from dove". According to the Royal Horticultural Society, Per is the official orchid abbreviation for this genus. Dove orchid is the national flower of Panama and is extremely over-collected in its native habitat. This over collection has led to its status as a species threatened with extinction delineated in Appendix I of CITES. In its native habitat See More.. 

- Monkey Orchid
It’s not very hard to guess how the Monkey Orchid or ( Dracula Simia ) got its name, but ever since photos of it started circulating on the internet about a year ago, people have had a hard time believing such a flower actually exists. The scientific name of this very rare flower is Dracula simia.Dracula Simia means little dragon monkey, based on trusted information from the University of British Columbia's Botanical Garden and Centre For Plant Research. This orchid was named in 1978 by the botanist Luer See More.. 

- Butterfly
A native flower of South Africa.Family,lamiaceae (fomerly Verbenaceae) The flowers occur in loose panicles (clusters) as inflorescenses borne at the ends of long, arching branches. Each flower is about 1" (2.5cm) long and composed of 5 lobed petals, of which 4 are pale blue and 1 violet-blue. There are 6 showy stamens made up of 6 long arching pale blue filaments and dark blue anthers. It blooms continuously throughout summer and fall. In the tropics, it blooms the whole year through. Each flower lasts only a day. The evergreen leaves are bluish-green, opposite, elliptical and strongly toothed, about 7-10cm long.The flowers which are nectar-rich attract a lot of butterflies and carpentar bees, wasps and even the occasional humming birds. They just can't stop loving them See More..

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