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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

World's Beautiful Rare Flower 2

 Endangered Orbea paradoxa..
Endangered Orbea paradoxa from Jozini Dam (also known as Pongolapoort Dam), 
KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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Ceropegia cimiciodora..
Ceropegia cimiciodora flower (an Asclepiad from Zoutpansberg, Limpopo Province, 
South Africa).

Stapelia Cedrimontana ..
Stapelia cedrimontana from Piketberg, Western Cape, South Africa.

Stapelia flavopurpurea..
A macro photograph of a small Stapelia flavopurpurea flower (a Stapeliad succulent from Namibia)
 in the last rays of sun.

Crassula columnaris..
A macro photograph of the tiny flowers of Crassula columnaris ssp. prolifera (also known as Sentkannetjie or Scent Bottle). Crassula columnaris is a small succulent that grows in the arid regions of the Western and Northern Cape, South Africa. 

Pectinaria articulata subsp. asperiflora..
A macro photograph of a very tiny Pectinaria articulata subsp. asperiflora flower 
(a South African Stapeliad).

Stapelia engleriana..
A macro photograph of a small Stapelia engleriana flower.

Duvalia modesta..
An Extreme macro photograph of the corona of the tiny flower of Duvalia modesta (a Stapeliad Desert flower) found growing in habitat between Uniondale and Willowmore in South Africa.A macro photograph of a small Stapelia engleriana flower.

Stapelia flavopurpurea..
Stapelia flavopurpurea flower (Corona) in the last rays of sunlight.

Piaranthus geminatus ..
A macro photograph of a Piaranthus geminatus flower from the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Conophytum khamiesbergense..
A macro photograph of a tiny Conophytum khamiesbergense flowering (endemic to the Kamies Montains, Namaqualand, Northern Cape, South Africa).

Huernia insigniflora..
A macro photograph of Huernia insigniflora flowers.

Stapelia divaricata...
Stapelia divaricata flowers (found in Swellendam, Ladismith and Robertson in Little Karoo, 
Western Cape, South Africa).

Leucospermum glabrum X conocarpodendron (Protea flower bud)..
A macro photograph of a small Leucospermum glabrum X Leucospermum 
conocarpodendron (Pincushion Protea hybrid) flower bud.

Stapelia glanduliflora ..
A macro photo of a small Stapelia glanduliflora flower from Clanwilliam, 
Western Cape, South Africa.

Gymnocalycium stenopleurum cactus..
A photograph of the beautiful flower of the small prehistoric looking cactus, Gymnocalycium stenopleurum. It was once considered to be a variety of Gymnocalycium mihanovichii.

Orbea lutea subsp. lutea..
Orbea lutea subsp. lutea flowers from the Northern Cape, South Africa.

Duvalia corderoyi..
A macro photograph of a small Duvalia corderoyi flower (a South African Stapeliad).

Tromotriche longipes flower on Faucaria tigrina (Tiger's Jaw)..
The long stem of Tromotriche longipes, caused the flower to open on top of 
Faucaria tigrina (Tiger's Jaw).

Orbea semitubiflora..
A macro photograph of a small Orbea semitubiflora flower 
(a Stapeliad from Tanzania, Africa).


  1. absolutely glorious.....photography outstanding, also!!Thank you