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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rainbow Roses

Rainbow Roses 
Real Roses and Meaning for Coloring Your Love and Life 
Rainbow Roses is Real Roses Have you ever heard and seen Rainbow Roses? This is amazing and real roses for coloring your love and life. Rainbow roses meaning is to bring happy and joy into your life relation, extra special flower gift for special moment, precious gift for precious person. Rainbow roses are real flower, natural, and has fragrance. Do you want to smell it? Roses is the queen among flowers, but rainbow roses is the most happy among roses. I am not lying to you because rainbow roses also have another name: Happy Roses.

Rose Meaning
Rose is lovely flower and its color has specific meaning. If you hardly to say about your feeling “Say it with flower..!” Rose is universal flower gift. Do you know all the colors of roses and their meaning? Even roses number has it specific meaning.Reveal it: Secret Meaning of Roses as Romantic Gift. If you give in your first date: single red rose, its mean “you are the one; love for the first sight”. But if you want to say “I am truly sorry, please forgive me”, you sent 15 roses. Be careful with your roses color and its number. The least but not the last, if you confuse about those roses meaning, but your heart want to express how happy you are, your ultimate choice is rainbow roses.

Let make it simple, you want to give roses flower for someone special or outstanding person, but you did not sure how many and which rose color is the perfect one. This is best of the best solution for you: happy roses - rainbow roses - happy rainbow roses. Click your favorite online flower store! Believe it or not, just after a few minute the special person receive it, you will get a call: happy voice, happy words, unforgettable gratitude and wonderful thanks to you.

Happy Rainbow Roses 
Have you ever heard about happy roses? 
Have you ever seen rainbow roses? 
Have you ever touch or smell its fragrance? 
The spectacular happy rainbow rose has been sold in the United Kingdom for years. This blooming marvelous rose becomes the most favorite gift flower. Rainbow Roses is Superb Choice of Flower gift. More than a million were sold in a year. However they do not cheap, cost less than double the price of red roses. But if it extra special roses gift for your extra special one, rainbow roses more than compensate for that price with their rainbow colors combination.

Rainbow roses are only available as cut or dried flower, cannot be purchases as rose bush. Rainbow roses were developed for the first time by a Dutch businessman, Peter Van Werken, who owns a flower company close to Den Bosch in southern Holland. 
Van de Werken said, “We used to only sell single color flowers but the market for them took a dip. Myself and my colleagues started looking for something a bit different and came up with the idea of having different-colored flowers. First of all we tried spraying the flowers but that did not work. Then we tried the dye. It took us about six months to get it right and we still make mistakes.”

Rainbow roses are made by inserting dye into the steam of the roses. The dyes are produced from natural plant extracts. The dye is absorbed by the petals of the flower as they grow. There a special process then controls how much color reaches each petal. This process takes 12 and 24 hours, but how the different petal turn out different color is the secret of Peter Van Werken. Rainbow roses are difficult to make because its need a scientific engineering.

Buy Roses: Rainbow Roses or Fiesta Roses?
Rainbow roses also sold now in United State of America. Just for your information, there were “Fiesta Roses” which nearly same with rainbow roses. Fiesta roses use similar process but have not perfected the coloring process. Fiesta roses are nearly same color with rainbow roses. Fiesta roses also beautiful but less colors and colors are less vivid. Rainbow roses have much more brilliant colors purple, pink, and fuchsias; otherwise fiesta roses are more primary colors. So do not make mistake when buying online rainbow roses.

Rainbow roses comes from Holland and fiesta roses are from Columbia and South America. Fiesta roses are a little bit cheaper than rainbow roses. Both available in some online flower shop. Feel free to chose, either rainbow roses or fiesta roses are the best flower gift for your special one. However, happy rainbow roses is more exclusive because it marvelous vivid colors. Warning! If you sent rainbow roses gift for your girlfriend or wife, she may sue you for giving her eyes injury. She can’t take her eyes off them.

Rainbow Roses Meaning as Special Occasion Flower Gift
Everybody has extra special person in their life, your soulmate, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter, grandparent, kid, close friend. They have special day in their life too. The birthday, anniversary, graduation, promotion, etc, are become extra special occasion if you sent special rainbow roses flower gift. Roses gift are wonderful and happy rainbow roses are extravaganza wonderful. You can choose some variant of happy roses with other flower gift. Especially for women, the best romantic gift ever after is flower - say it with flower. Here some of for your special occasion that will become unforgettable moment if you sent rainbow roses.

Decorate Your Life with Happy Roses Gift Do not only bought rainbow roses for someone special, do you? This is a great tip: buy happy roses for yourself too because you are special person. Decorate your life, office, home, celebration with happy rainbow roses. 
Rainbow roses now become hottest and unusual flower on floral arrangement.Coloring your life and love with it.

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