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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Counties Flowers of Norway

Counties Flowers of Norway 
Norway is divided into 19 (20 with Svalbard) administrative regions, called counties until 1918, they were known as amter. The counties form the primary first-level subdivisions of Norway and are further divided into 430 municipalities . The capital Oslo is considered both a county and a municipality. There is some political disagreement on whether counties are a practical, economical, or even necessary level of administration. See politics of Norway for more information. 

Below is a list of the Norwegian counties and national flowers , with their current administrative centres. Note that the counties are administered both by appointees of the national government and to a lesser extent by their own elected bodies. The county numbers are from the official numbering system ISO 3166-2:NO, which follows the coastline from the Swedish border in the southeast to the Russian border in the northeast. the city of Bergen was dropped from the system when the city was merged into Hordaland in 1972. Svalbard and Jan Mayen are outside the county division and ruled directly on national level.

Norway National Flower ( Saxifraga Cotyledon )

Akershus ( Anemone Hepatica )

Aust-Agder ( Honeysuckle )

Buskerud ( White Water Lily )

Finnmark ( Ripe cloudberry )

Hedmark ( Chamerion Angustifolium )

Hordaland ( Primula Vulgaris )

Møre og Romsdal ( Saxifraga Cotyledon )

Nordland ( Purple Saxifrage )

Nord-Trøndelag ( Cypripedium Calceolus )

Oppland ( Oppland )

Oslo ( Trifolium Montanum )

Østfold ( Lily of the valley )

Rogaland ( Erica Tetralix )

Sogn og Fjordane ( Foxglove )

Sør-Trøndelag ( Dryas octopetala )

Telemark ( Dactylorhiza sambucina )

Troms ( Globe-flower )

Vest-Agder ( English oak Quercus robur )

Vestfold ( European beech Tree )

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