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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Counties Flowers of Wales

Counties Flowers of Wales

The historic counties of Wales are sub-divisions of Wales.They were used for various functions for several hundred years,but have been largely superseded by contemporary sub-national divisions,some of which bear some limited similarity to the historic entities in name and extent. They are alternatively known as ancient counties.
The following are the flowers selected for the counties of the Wales.

Anglesey ( Spotted Rock-rose )

Brecknockshire ( Cuckooflower )

Caernarvonshire ( Snowdon Lily )

Cardiff Wild Leek )

Cardiganshire ( Bog-rosemary )

Carmarthenshire ( Whorled Caraway )

Denbighshire ( Limestone Woundwort )

Flintshire ( Bell Heather )

Glamorgan ( Yellow Whitlowgrass )

Merioneth ( Welsh Poppy )

Monmouthshire ( Foxglove )

Montgomeryshire ( Spiked Speedwell )

Pembrokeshire ( Thrift )

Radnorshire ( Radnor Lily )

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