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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Flowers of Australia's States And Territories

Flowers of Australia's States And Territories 
Australia, nicknamed the "Land Down Under,", is a country, an island and a continent. It is the world's smallest continent and the sixth-largest country. It is located in the Southern Hemisphere, between the Indian Ocean and the Southern Pacific Ocean.. This continent-country-island has an area of 2,966,368 square miles (7,682,300 square kilometers). Capital of Australia: Canberra Population: Australia has a population about 20 million people. Most of Australia's population lives on the fertile plains of the eastern and southeastern coasts. The interior of Australia (called the Outback) is dry with many deserts. Government and Economy: The Commonwealth of Australia is a democracy (leaders are elected by the adult population) but it recognizes the monarch of Great Britain as sovereign (the Queen of England has the title "Chief of State" and performs ceremonial duties). Australia has a strong, modern economy. Its monetary unit is the Australian dollar. Largest Cities: Sydney is the largest city in Australia; it has over 3,935,000 people. Other large cities include Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Newcastle.
The following are the flowers selected for the Australia's States And Territories .

Australia's States And Territories Map

Australia Country National Flower (  Golden Wattle )

Australian Capital Canberra ( Royal Bluebell )

New South Wales ( Waratah )

Northern Territory ( Sturt's Desert Rose )

Queensland ( Cooktown Orchid )

South Australia ( Sturt's Desert Pea )

Tasmania ( Tasmanian Blue Gum )

Victoria ( Common Pink Heath )

Western Australia ( Kangaroo-Paws )

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